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A Glimpse on Some Air Handler Unit Trouble Issues

If some of you are not aware about what air handler is then take a minute and understand what exactly an air handler is- An air handler is nothing but a large unit that contains blower fan, heating or cooling parts, filters and dampers. It basically works how much air is sent out through the AC system or from a heater and whether that air would be cool or hot. The air handler is a system that circulates air as a part of a heating, ventilating and air conditioning system. Now, as we know that air handler does quite a proportionate amount of work in having let us avail the quality air, then wouldn’t it now be essential to understand some of the most common issues that troubles air handler and which require a professional repair session. Here in this blog you can find some of the common trouble issues highlighted by AC repair Sunrise.

Fan Unit Problem

The fan unit is the main constituent that works in association with the air handler and is the fan that blows air throughout the home or a building. So if you find that the unit starts making some odd noises or is not able to blow at all then there is a problem associated with the fan that needs to be repaired else you could end up facing issues related to the air.

AC Blower

Do you know that the air filters protect the blower assembly in the air handler’s unit? The AC unit circulates air through the blower fan to the ductwork system in the home. So the best way to overcome the blower problem is to change or replace air filters on a timely basis when you are using the air conditioning system.

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