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Is Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air? Curious to Know Why

Now, who would want to have the air conditioner blowing hot air in searing summers? Obviously, no one would! Isn’t it? This is the most unpleasant situation which one could face in the AC unit that leaves you completely clueless about what to do next. Well! Still no need to worry, as AC repair Sunrise will make you aware of some eye-opener informative problems, following which can lead you to have a successful running of the system and letting you to not let summers affect your indoor atmosphere.

Poor Condition of Air Filters

Changing filters in every summer should be the foremost task in your AC system maintenance regime. Make sure that you get the filters cleaned and installed properly by contacting any AC service before the season starts otherwise dirty air filters can block the condenser coil, thereby arising freezing in the machine and causing the home to stay not cool for a long period of time.

Unmaintained Outside Section

Are you sure that you keep a timely check on the outside section? Is the outside module covered with dirt and debris or is it clean? So what do you think? How is your outside module? Is it dirty? Ok! Then run a maintenance plan and get it freed from unnecessary waste so that the machine can give you a smooth performance and helps to survive happily in humid summers.

Keep An Eye on Thermostat

If you are experiencing the hot air from an air conditioner, then do check on thermostat setting, maybe you have left it on heat mode, switch it to cool mode and enjoy the cool air. This is a very unseen problem which most of the times get neglected and leaves you thinking that what exactly is going wrong with the machine. So from now on make it a point to always give attention to thermostat settings.

So, aren’t these problems by AC repair Sunrise enlighten you with some information in terms of having the good condition of an air conditioner and making the summers really peaceful and playful with friends and family.

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