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Keep area around the outdoor air compressor clean – free from dirt, plant parts such as leaves and branches as they obstruct proper heat exchange and airflow. Make sure to leave a few feet space around the equipment free from any obstructions.

The condenser coil also accumulates dirt over a time. Dirt collects on fins of the condenser coils. It is severe when the area around is prone to get dusty because of presence of trees. Therefore, cleaning the area nearby, and regularly trimming the longer branches leads to better maintenance of the condenser.

Check the condition of the condenser fan. If it is not balanced, it leads to uneven motion and vibration resulting in wearing out. Also, check for the fan bearings. Worn out bearings can damage the equipment. Make sure you replace them in such a case.

The condenser fan accumulates dirt overtime. Make sure you clean it using a biodegradable spray detergent. Clean it once a month.

Purchase a condenser cover that fits your outdoor unit. By this, the outdoor condenser will not get damaged due to rain, leaves, etc.

To keep the air conditioner running smoothly, it is very important to check and maintain all the above listed things regularly, so that you avoid high repair costs, save on power bills, and most importantly your air conditioner will keep your indoor temperature cool, comfortable and healthy.

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