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How The Blower Fans Work in Air Conditioner?

The blower fans of an air conditioner are mainly required for transferring the warm air from a certain place and allowing the cold air to return to give a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. This is usually a myth people assume that air conditioners produce cold air but in actual they don’t produce cold air, they just transfer the warm air from your cooling space and make your space absolutely cooler and comfortable. The main purpose of the blower fan is to maintain all the air flow all around your house and make you feel fresh especially in the hot days of the summer. The blower fans not only maximizes the flow of the air only through the air conditioner but also let the cool air be spread from the air conditioner evenly all around the home and therefore most of the cleaning services always recommend an AC blower cleaning to be done as often as required to remove the dirt and dust and maximize air flow. Here in this blog we will look at how blower fans work in air conditioner.

In the Air Conditioner

As we all know that heat usually rises from low to high and when the heat rises in the air conditioning system the air goes through the coolant coils and transfer the heat out. The efficiency of the AC unit can be determined by the amount of the air which flows through the coolant coils and here the blower fans show their functionality by helping in making the heat transfer by sucking the warm air out of the house to blow over the coolant and therefore helps in maximizing the amount of the airflow.

Outside the Air Conditioner

When the air gets cooled down in the air conditioner, it gets condensed and is not able to get transferred properly and just sits down. The blower fan works here by helping the air to move faster across the tubes of the coolant thereby expelling the warm air outside but allowing the cool air return back to the house with a much effective rate. If the condensed air was allowed to get transferred from itself then that process will be highly inefficient.