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Some Common Commercial AC Problems in Summer

Now, this is really disturbing when the air conditioner goes out of service in a commercially run business or any commercial building where the AC OFF situation could create a chaos all around making the business proceedings go absolutely in disorder state. Sometimes the breakdown of an AC causes even more failure in the situation creating the total OFF situation. Now to avoid such issues or other such similar issues, it is always better for the commercial building owners know some of the common commercial AC problems so that they can stay cautious in getting them timely checked and avoid any disorder later. To make you understand better, same day AC repair Sunrise has mentioned few such problems here in this blog.

Dirty and Filthy Coils

Any commercial AC system will get into failure or come to a halt situation when its evaporator coil gets dirty or any type of buildup of dirt get into it. Even if the amount of dirt on the evaporator coil is small then also it can bring the cooling efficiency down to quite an elevated percent. So, this means that the system will consume more energy to stay running longer and also will not be able to cool the space properly and satisfactorily.

Drain Line and Drain Pan

If you don’t remain punctual in the cleaning of the AC system as a whole then quite possibly the drain lines will get dirty and gets accumulated with dust and debris causing the air dirty to breathe. Also the drain pan from where the condensation waste is being thrown out found dirty, then it can make the AC system work harder and let the system to throw warm air.

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