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Discover How Air Conditioners Control Indoor Humidity Levels

There was a time when air-conditioning systems were very costly and were available for only some specific people. But the time has completely changed in the last few decades because today, around 90 percent homes in the United States are air-conditioned. It’s really a very high percentage compared to other countries, which shows how developed USA is. But do you know that providing the desired indoor temperature is not the only job of an air conditioner? Yes, your air conditioner can do a lot more than just controlling the indoor temperature.

Not just the temperature, but an air-conditioning system can have control over the humidity level and air-quality as well. Today, we’ll discuss how an air conditioner controls indoor humidity and along with that, we’ll also have a look at some situations when your device might fail to maintain a suitable humidity level. Remember that you will need to call the experts of AC repair Sunrise in that case to avoid further problems. In case if you think yourself capable of fixing air-conditioning bugs, then there’s no need to spend money on AC repair Sunrise services.

The Process of Removing Excessive Moisture: Evaporator coils located in the indoor unit are freezing cold, and when the moisture present in the surrounding atmosphere comes into contact with the coil, it starts condensing and turns into its liquid state. The process goes on continuously, and this is how an air conditioner removes excessive moisture from the indoor air. However, your air conditioner can maintain a suitable humidity level only when the machine is working fine. Let’s have a look at such situations when a cooling system fails to control the humidity level.

  • A thick dust layer over the evaporator coil can be responsible for obstructing the condensation process. Only an experienced person can clean the evaporator coils without other crucial AC components.
  • A large amount of debris in the AC filter can also obstruct the airflow, which sometimes also leads to inappropriate humidity levels. You may clean the air filters by yourself using a soft brush, but make sure you do this gently.

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