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Distinctions Between Commercial And Residential HVAC Systems

Though there are quite a few types of HVAC machines available in the market, however, two of them are very common and mostly heard and that are commercial and residential units. The residential ones are basically used in houses and small businesses whereas commercial ones are used in large buildings, stores and warehouses etc. While both machines perform almost the same operations, still they differ on many factors that are being discussed by HVAC repair Sunrise for your understanding. So, let’s go through them and make yourself aware of how these residential and commercial modules are differently manufactured.


Now this is quite visible that a commercial module is bigger and bulkier than a residential one and doesn’t need any further explanation. Large and spacious building obviously needs a big and strong HVAC unit to serve the amount of space of a large building. They are also more complex in terms of thermostats. Also, the power consumed by commercial one is higher in comparison to residential one because of size differences and the type of the areas they serve.


The location is another important consideration for any machine. The residential unit is kept mostly in the backyard, whereas the commercial unit is kept on the roof of the building. Do you know that roof is an apt place for keeping the commercial systems? Why? Because the indoor space of the building can be used for any other purpose rather than mingling with the noise and the functioning of the HVAC machine. Also, it is easy for maintenance as the technician would not have to interfere with the work that is usually done in the building.


Now, this is another factor which plays a great role in differentiating the two machines. Homeowners can themselves take care of the maintenance of their residential units or they can take the consultation of any regular service provider in order to keep their modules functioning well. In contrast to the residential ones, the commercial modules fall under the responsibility of having the servicing from a specialized professional like the experts of HVAC repair Sunrise who knows the specific local electric codes for commercial buildings.

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