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DIY Heat Pump Repair

Instead of consuming energy to produce new heat or cool the air, heat pump systems just move the heat from one location to another. This makes them a cost effective alternative to traditional HVACs and furnaces. Heat pump repair requires the services of an expert professional. However, there are certain maintenance and repair tasks that you can do on your own too. Read on to know the heat pump repair Sunrise issues that you can address on your own.

Strange noises: Heat pump systems are meant to function quietly. However, if you have plenty of noises emanating from your unit, you can be sure that there is something wrong with it. The noises can be due to loose parts of the machine such as bolts, belts, screws etc. It is important that you check these components and tighten them if required. However, if the noises continue, you can consult a professional.

Not heating or cooling: When a heat pump fails to cool or heat, it is often due to improper pressure. If it is too low or too high, you can consider changing the air filters.

Frost build-up: A frozen heat pump can be due to the presence of dirt in the evaporators and the filters. Cleaning or replacing the filters and removing the dust out of the evaporators can help .

System does not turn on: If your heat pump doesn’t turn on, just check the power. If resetting the power supply does not help, you can call an HVAC professional.

If your heat pump is acting up and you are unsure of the cause, it is best to call in professional contractors. Hiring a professional repairman may cost you some money, but it can save you the hassles and dangers associated with an amateur job.

While some heat pumps can easily be taken care of by the average homeowners, there are others that need the expertise of a trained technician. Issues with the compressor, thermostat or refrigerant levels can be quite tricky and dangerous for the homeowners to solve on their own. It is only an expert contractor who can provide you the guidance that you require to repair your heat pump.

Make sure to hire only licensed emergency AC repair service contractors for the job. They are well trained, highly skilled and have the requisite experience to resolve your concerns and get your machine working great in no time.

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