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Extending Life of Your AC Unit

It is true that your HVAC unit is an expensive investment you make in your home and that being said, you definitely would want it to last long. Typically speaking, your AC unit should serve you for a good 15 years. Of course, that is the ideal case. However, if your AC unit is showing signs of a significant damage within the first 10 years, there are surely things that can be done right to extend its life. Even the simplest of services like air duct cleaning Sunrise can have a significant impact on the life of your AC unit. You may be surprised but there are many such things, including vent cleaning Sunrise, that may seem to be rather insignificant but can have a major impact on how long and how efficiently your AC unit offers you optimal comfort.

Extending Life of Your AC Unit – The Most Common Ways!

As mentioned above, there could be a number of things that cause issues with your HVAC unit and sometimes, small things may build-up overtime, so much so that your HVAC unit may wear out sooner than it is supposed to. It is quite astonishing to note that dirt and dust build-up is the most common cause of HVAC unit breakdown and when it happens rather regularly, the overall productive life of the AC unit is impacted. Taking this issue a little further, it is noted that cleanliness is in fact the biggest concern for the efficient working of the HVAC unit. You would be amazed to know that AC cleaning services like vent cleaning Sunrise or air duct cleaning Sunrise will not ensure good air quality but also save you on your energy bills as cleaner HVAC system implies a more productive unit that consumes less energy. Wouldn’t you now give this a serious thought?

Seasonal Maintenance – Twice a year

All AC unit manufacturers will prescribe regular AC repair and maintenance service to ensure optimal efficiency. However, it is important to understand what repair or maintenance services are essential and how frequently. The semi-annual AC service that you should opt for needs to include in the package a quick inspection of the condenser and evaporator coils, inspection of the compressor, replacement of the refrigerant and above all, a thorough cleaning of all parts of the AC unit especially AC duct cleaning Sunrise service and vent cleaning Sunrise service as AC ducts and vents are most prone to dirt build-up.

Whether you believe it or not, improper cleaning of your HVAC unit is mostly the reason for premature failure of the appliance. Dust, dirt and blockage can all cause your AC unit to under-perform and over time, this leads to increased utility bills. When this issue is consistently ignored, improper cleaning of your AC unit can actually impact its life forcing you to replace it much before you anticipated.

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