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Factors that Affect Lifespan of an Air Conditioner

The AC is a useful and the most effective system that could beat the heat in the summers and without it, life can’t even be imagined especially in the hot and humid days of the year. Now to have this system to last as long as possible is definitely every house owner’s dream. But how to have extended lifespan of the AC unit? What are the factors that majorly affect AC’s lifespan? Well! The major things that affect, of course, how well you use your system and how well you maintain its servicing. But still, besides being staying particular in servicing, all AC systems have a limited lifespan and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty period. Anyways, there are still certain factors that affect lifespan, two of which are discussed here in this blog by AC repair Sunrise service.


The build is something that shouldn’t be ignored and as a user you should look at it first. An AC should have high quality parts and components in order to have it lasted for a long period of time. Picking the right and an authenticated brand as per your convenience is the key to get the system of your choice and to make it run for a longer period of time.


Another factor highlighted by AC repair Sunrise that plays a crucial role in determining the extended lifespan of the air conditioner is the maintenance of the system. How punctual you stay in getting the system maintenance done on time is the key which affects the lifespan of your unit. Over time, the unit face wear and tear for which maintenance session is essential to strengthen the parts and components and make the machine robust to work functionally well.

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