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Few Signs that AC is Low in Freon

AC is a large machine which can get any problem. But sometime, low refrigerant is the actual cause of the problem. Though there are always the signs when air conditioner got problems. But here AC repair Sunrise has listed out a few common signs that appear when refrigerant is low in air conditioner.

Your House is Not Cooling

If you are noticing that your house is not cooling, then there is some problem. It might be possible that cooling unit is low in Freon. The Freon is the refrigerant which absorbs heat in the air. So if the AC doesn’t have enough refrigerant then the cooling system won’t work effectively.

You are Getting High Utility Bills

If you are receiving a hike in utility bills then this is due to Freon. Because if the Freon is low in air conditioning machine, then it has to work harder and longer to cool the space. And this way you get hike in energy bills. So the extra energy which your AC does goes in raising the energy bills unnecessarily.

The Air Coming from the Vents is not cold

When the Freon is low, then the vents don’t expel cool air as expected. May be not the hot air, but the lukewarm or even warm air. To check about the intensity of the air, you should check it using a thermometer to know the air emitted from the vents.

Strange noise from the AC system

When the Freon is low, then it may even produce some type of sounds that are not usual. The cooling machine produces some kind of strange noises like hissing or buzzing sound. So keep the Freon level in the air conditioning machine balanced.