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Four Potential Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Not Working Well

Heat pumps are very popular these days due to their ability to cool in summer and heat in winter. Though, one of the major concerns with heat pumps is higher breakdown chances considering they are used throughout the year and moreover, many people use them all over the day without a break. In such a scenario where so many people are dependent on heat pumps, the availability of Heat Pump repair Sunrise services for 24 hours a day is a big relief.

So, no matter how serious the issue is with your heat pump, our highly experienced technicians of Heat Pump repair Sunrise are always there to assist you in the most pleasant way. In fact, our aim is to save our clients from longer downtimes, which is the main reason why we render same-day solutions at no additional costs.

Now, if your heat pump is also troubling you, then there are very high chances that your device is suffering from any of the following problems. In short, we are here providing four most common problems associated with heat pumps.

Faulty Thermostat:

Sometimes, the problem is not with the heat pump, but it is the thermostat which impacts the heating or cooling efficiency. Consider yourself lucky if restarting the thermostat resolves the problem, otherwise you may also need to repair or replace the thermostat, which will be costlier.

Low Refrigerant Levels:

Another common issue reported by many homeowners is the leaking refrigerant, as it can also have a serious effect on the performance of a heat pump. Only a skilled professional can help you in that case because it’s impossible for a normal person to refill the refrigerant in air-conditioning systems.

Clogged Filters and Coils:

It also straightaway impacts the performance of a heat pump when there’s too much dirt present on the key components of the machine. Clogged filters and grimy coils are two of the most commonly reported problems by many users.

Blocked or Frozen Outdoor Unit:

Too much ice build-up over the outside unit of a heat pump can also impact the device’s performance negatively.

Though, these are some of the most common issues with heat pumps, but the actual problem can only be discovered after a complete inspection of the appliance, and this is where you’ll need to hire a specialist.

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