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Hang On! Is Your AC System Making those Loud Noises?

Is the fear of air conditioning making loud noises has become a matter of concern for quite a while now ? Are you finding it an irritating factor in your daily activities? Well! If you are experiencing a noise issue with your machine then truly it’s not a good thing and much more it’s happening because of some underlying hardware issue that needn’t be avoided at any cost. Making this issue more understandable to you, the AC repair Sunrise has briefly stated here in this blog further about two noises that are sometimes common and sometimes not so common, what’s causing those noises and what exactly you should do about it. So read the blog and get some real inside view of the noises made by the AC unit.

Banging Noise

This noise comes when a loose component has been pushed within the AC system. This component could be anything like a connecting rod, a crankshaft or it could be even a screw. Also, it may possible that you have to face the possibility of replacing a compressor. The best thing which can be done is to turn OFF the air conditioner and if you think that you are capable enough, then inspect the condenser for anything has become loose or not. And even if you aren’t able to find the exact cause then consulting the expert of AC repair Sunrise is the best option.

Squealing Noise

This type of noise caused by some problem associated with the blower or fan motor and this noise often pop up when either blower or fan motor are on the verge of losing their quality or they are in need of replacement. Now what you have to do after acknowledging this type of noise from your AC system? Well! You need to come up with some immediate solution and would be better if you get the blower or fan motor replaced because this is the best way to avoid squealing noise.

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