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Identifying the Reason Behind Uneven Cooling in an AC Room

Comfort is when the surrounding atmosphere is pleasant, and using an air conditioner is probably the best way to get a pleasant environment in your home. So, there’s no doubt that the air-conditioning systems are crucial for a comfortable life because if you have an AC unit, you don’t need to bear an abnormally hot atmosphere in your home.

But what if you find that your air conditioner is unable to maintain a balanced temperature in your home? Such a situation is a sign that something is wrong with your appliance and you might need to contact a reliable AC service company in that case. It is because only an expert can find and fix the issues related to modern air conditioners. Coming to the point, let’s have a look at some of the most common reasons behind uneven cooling in an air-conditioned room.

Coils Covered With Dust Particles: There are high chances that the AC coils are covered with a thick layer of dust and that’s why your air conditioner is unable to maintain a balanced temperature in the room. If it is the case, you need to hire professional AC coil cleaning Sunrise services as soon as possible. You may clean the coils by yourself if you have the required equipment and basic knowledge about it.

Blower Fan is in Some Problem: The inefficiency of the blower fan can also be the reason behind uneven cooling in your room. In short, if the blower fan of your AC unit isn’t working efficiently, the system won’t be able to provide a balanced temperature.

Poor Airflow in the Ductwork: Dirt and debris present in the ductwork obstruct the airflow, which is also a very common reason behind uneven cooling in an AC room. In such a scenario, you need to clean the air ducts as soon as possible because excessive dust in the AC ducts may lead to several other problems too.

Low Refrigerant Charge: An insufficient refrigerant level is one of the most serious AC problems and may result in the breakdown of the appliance. Uneven cooling in your AC room is one of such signs implying that your air-conditioning system doesn’t have an adequate refrigerant charge.

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