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Is Your Air Conditioner Failing? Know it Now

One of the major issues that arise out of an air conditioner is when you don’t notice the sign that your AC unit is failing. Homeowners don’t notice that their unit is failing and they still make it work continuously for a long period of time. So noticing way before AC failing sign can be helpful in the long term so that you can fix your unit perfectly to avail maximum comfort out of it. As a matter of fact, the house owners don’t have much clearer idea of what exactly can be called as a failing sign of your AC unit due to which they ignore AC repairs on time. But here in this blog, the AC repair Sunrise service has clearly mentioned few common signs which, if your unit shows shouldn’t be neglected by the house owner.

Weak Airflow

You should immediately get the repairs done if your system is showing signs of weak airflow or poor airflow. This is happening because of the failing compressor of your unit causing some rooms to get cool and some are not getting cool enough. There may be some problem either in the ducts or vents also to which your unit should be repaired.


Another sig is when you start noticing the odour coming from the cooling unit, then that means the insulation wire has been burnt out. Or if you notice a musty smell, then this is because of mold growth taking place, which should be stopped immediately. So if you let mold growth happen, then this could damage your unit and cost you a lot in repairs.


Whenever you see that there is moisture around the unit, it is an indication of some problem. The moisture or leakages happen as a result of refrigerant leaks which can be harmful to your home or to your family. Other problem could be blockage of the drain tubes or maybe they are broken which causes the condensation from the AC to spread out around the unit.

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