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Learn How to Fit the Heat Pump At Home

Undoubtedly heat pumps are one of the most efficient and useful devices that you could have in your home. One of the most favourable merit of these systems is that they provide more heat and consume less electricity. Not only this, but they also play a great role as air conditioners because they have the capability of converting warm air into the cool air during warm season. So, therefore, different types of heat pumps can be installed according to what is your requirement. But to install them requires you know some ways otherwise, there could occur damage to its parts. Nonetheless, you can make yourself aware by following the points which heat pump repair Sunrise has mentioned in this blog.


Make sure that you make the space for the machine outside the house, place a slab of concrete to place the unit on it and cover the surroundings with gravel. Put the heat pump isolated from the home because the vibrations coming from the module should not enter the house which can cause a havoc in the ceiling once it operates on its full power.

Placement on The Roof

A rooftop is a good place to mount the unit as it is an isolated and safe for the machine and will not also interfere with the home. But sometimes anchoring is required on the rooftop to support the heat pump, requirement of tools like Isolators is needed if you successfully want the anchoring of the module with the roof. Check that the roof curb is at a level and can strongly support the system.


The connection between the inside module with the outside module is very important and should be done with utmost care and that’s why the use of copper tube is quite imperative to make the whole connection tight and strong. The valve cap on the unit can also be inserted with the copper tubing and when it is done, then the valve cap must be tightly closed and sealed.

If you ever find any difficulty during installation, then call an expert from heat pump repair Sunrise who will execute the process finely and will also make you understand all the steps which are necessary when installing the machine.

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