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Let’s Dig into Thermostat Problems and Solutions

Now, this is really irritating when you find that your thermostat has gone into a dead state or gone to an inconsistent state. But the real cause of its failure seems a bit difficult to find. Right! Undoubtedly a thermostat is a helpful way to set the desired temperature inside the house and letting the AC unit to work as efficiently as possible. In spite of such important contribution by thermostat for efficient cooling, you are not sure how to troubleshoot its fault if ever it gets caught by some bug. Right! So, in order to let you know about few thermostat problems and solutions, AC repair Sunrise has summarized them here in this blog.

Problem 1:- The Air Conditioner Turns on Greater Intensity
Solution:- Although, it is not a thermostat problem, but it could be if the thermostat is kept directly under the sun. So, if it is so, then remove the thermostat from that position or try to block the sun. Apart from this, make sure that the thermostat is not in the room that has got an open window or an outside door as the open window and door would not let the thermostat to regulate the normal temperature.

Problem 2:- The Air Conditioner Keeps Running
Solution:- Now, this is a thing to worry about if the air conditioner keeps on running or it sounds like it just keeps running. For this problem, first of all, check the fan setting, whether it is set ON or OFF, if it is set ON then the fan will run continuously else it will run only when the AC unit is ON. This can help the AC system to run efficiently and let it save energy.

Problem 3:- Thermostat’s Reading of Current Temperature Doesn’t Match with the Set Temperature
Solution:- When you feel that the room temperature is getting hotter, you obviously would like to lower the temperature, but when you turn ON the AC unit, the temperature doesn’t reach the desired temperature. This problem is due to the thermostat’s thermometer which requires you to call the professional from AC repair Sunrise so that he can set the thermostat lid and adjust the thermometer using a screwdriver.

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