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What You Must Remember While Installing Your Split AC

So you have done your research and bought yourself the best split air conditioner in the market. But has someone told you that it’s equally important to get your air conditioning installation done correctly? The amount of cooling you will get from your AC also depends on how and where you are installing the machine. If you have not considered the location of where you are going to install your AC before purchasing one then it’s time to do so now. A split AC installation is more difficult that other AC types since it require fitting two parts of the machine. Improper AC installation can lead to higher electricity bills and less cooling in the room. Hence make sure you know the professionals who are fitting your AC. Try to get references of companies who have been dealing in AC repair Sunrise for a long time and are pros at installation. Following are some important factors which must be kept in mind while installing a split air conditioner.

1. Strength of the Wall

The split AC unit must be installed on a wall that is strong enough to hold the air conditioner’s weight.

2. Appropriate Height

The indoor unit of split AC unit must be mounted at a height of 7-8 height above ground for adequate cooling inside the room.

3. Correct Location of Outdoor Unit

For efficient cooling, indoor and outdoor units of the split air conditioner must be installed away from direct sunlight and water. The outdoor unit must always be installed in an open space so that the heat can dissipate from the condenser.

4. Proper Location of Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit should always be placed on a flat or rigid surface. It contains essential components of a split AC, like the compressor, condenser, fan motor etc. This unit needs a flat surface because it vibrates excessively, which can result in breakage of copper pipes, coolant leakage and compressor damage. Also, the vibrating noise can disturb you and your neighbors.

5. Correct Tilt Angle of Indoor Unit

While getting the indoor unit fixed on the wall, make sure the unit is given a slight tilt angle. This will enable an unrestricted flow of condensed water from the drain pipe.

6. Optimum Distance Between Indoor and Outdoor Unit

Correct distance between the indoor and outdoor unit is essential to ensure proper cooling. When the temperature is low, the coolant flows inside the copper tubes between the indoor and outdoor units of split AC. Due to this, there is always some loss of cooling effect. Hence, the distance between the indoor and outdoor unit should be kept as minimum as possible. The maximum distance which should be allowed between the two units must be about 15 meters.

On this note, one should remember that an air conditioner can last up to 10 years if it is maintained properly. So make sure you get your split AC installed correctly and by the right air conditioning installation professionals.

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