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Some Myths About Duct Cleaning which are Essential to Know

Like any other technical cleaning process, the duct cleaning and vent cleaning are being occupied with several myths that needs to be unfolded. Every type of cleaning process one or the other time may sound to be occupied with several myths but observing keen aspects would help in clearing the doubts. Here in this blog, air duct cleaning Sunrise service has highlighted some of the myths related to duct cleaning which you as a user of the ductwork system should know to make the ducts function well.

Myth:- Ducts and Vents only Gets Cleaned when Dust and Debris is There

Why there is a common misconception that ducts and vents needs to be cleaned only when the dust and debris are visible? This is just not the point as the duct cleaning and vent cleaning are the most important cleaning regimes that has to be done at regular intervals of time without any hassles.

Myth:- A Humidifier can Stop the Mold Growth

Though a humidifier can stop the mold growth in your house or office building but thinking it as a device in controlling the mold growth is not correct. The best way to stop the growth of the mold is to make sure that your ducts are cleaned at timely intervals and are professionally repaired by the professionals.

Myth:- Your Health doesn’t Get Affected by Dirty Ducts

Well! This is completely wrong as when the ducts are dirty and not clean properly, they accumulate dust and debris over time and contain other impurities which when gets circulated with air all around the space could make the living conditions worse and thus hugely affects your health. So again, air duct cleaning Sunrise would recommend that ducts should be cleaned at a specified time.

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