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Short cycling is one of the most harmful problems that an air conditioner has.    It’s a symptom of a problem and a cause of other problems; sometimes all you need is a little adjustment to repair the problem. It is not something which you should ignore; otherwise you need to replace your unit way sooner than later.    

To make things clearer for you, AC repair Sunrise service has defined all about short cycling, causes and other problems.

Facts Related to Short Cycling

The short cycling means that the system can get stuck in the start-up cycle turning ON and OFF and never completes a full cooling cycle. So when the AC system is short cycling, the compressor gets stopped before the cooling cycle ends. And when this happens, the compressor is actually undergoing wear and tear much faster than it should. It has to work harder in order to do the job.

What Causes The Short Cycling?

Short cycling is a problem that occurs in the air conditioner. It could happen because of several reasons like:-

An improperly sized AC system

A clogged air filter

Low refrigerant levels

Leaky ductwork unit

Miscalibrated thermostat reading

Luckily, clogged air filter we can resolve on our own. You should change air filters every one or three months. This will not cause further problems like short cycling. On the other hand, if the air conditioner is oversized and undersized, then this could not be resolved. The only solution is to replace it with a new and properly sized air conditioning unit. Otherwise, the comfort level will be compromised.  

Other Problems with Short Cycling

You must have seen by now that short cycling is both a symptom of a problem and also the cause of future problems. So do you know what type of problem short cycling can cause?

Take a look at them.………..

As the AC unit uses power when the compressor gets started. So when the system gets trapped in a start-up process continuously, it fetches more power.

So when the compressor fetches more power, it wears and tear down faster than before. This further causes your AC unit to overheat and may at times burn out. It becomes costly to replace an overheated compressor. Hence people replace their whole air conditioner as it is much more economical.  

As a house owner, you should always take care of your AC unit. Stay careful about short cycling and other issues to be resolved on time.

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