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Some Alarming Reasons of AC Blowing Warm Air

It may sound a bit unworthy thought but spending summers without an AC is no fun in the South Florida region to which you should stay cautious in not facing this issue. Though, mostly the air conditioners don’t go non-functional for a number of years but there are times when they show little awkward functionality which trigger stress. The AC systems are designed and manufactured to give you the most comfortable atmosphere to live in and are quite robust in facing even the hardest weather conditions but when this AC unit starts blowing warm air then definitely it seems a question of concern that has to be handled with care and attention. So have you ever thought that why does your AC system do so and what prompts it to throw warm air instead of cool air? Well! Nothing to worry if you aren’t aware of because here the AC repair Sunrise has mentioned few the most responsible reasons of an AC throwing warm air.

Refrigerant Leaks

Everyone knows that refrigerant is a cooling agent that helps in absorbing heat from the air and in turn provides conditioned air. So, if the refrigerant gets low in the AC system then obviously it will get the system blow warm air and there is a refrigerant leak. So now how could make that there is a leak. Well! You can make out by finding out whether your system is making a hissing noise or not or whether the refrigerant line gets frozen or not. If the outdoor unit is making a hissing noise then there is pretty much possibility of a refrigerant leak.

The Ductwork is Faulty

Another cause of AC blowing warm air is the faulty ductwork system which is disconnected or is broken at some places. If you sense that the ducts are not working in a proper manner then immediately call the professional and get them work in a better way for cooler and comfortable stays and to stop the causes of the AC blowing warm air issue.

The Air Flow is not Proper

The air flow problem is also another cause of the air conditioner blowing warm air and this air flow problem occurs because of not maintaining the system properly either because of not replacing the air filters or not getting the system undergo servicing sessions at regular intervals of time. Due to this, the AC throws hot air, which creates disorder in the summer.

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