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The Most Common Electrical Issues of the Air Conditioner

An air conditioner cannot work without the electrical power and therefore it is mandatory to ensure that the unit is getting the required amount of electricity to perform well. In case, if the unit is unable to acquire the sufficient amount of electricity, then it will surely cause many problems in the unit. So, it is advised that you should maintain your AC unit so that the problems of the electric control failure will stay away from the unit. Some of the most common electrical problems of an air conditioner have been described here which can help you to know your AC unit much better.

  • In an air conditioner, the cylindrical electrical component called capacitors are attached to the motor and the AC unit cannot work without these capacitors. As the voltage to the motor is sent by these capacitors, that is why if the capacitors are not working properly, then your unit will surely not be able to provide cooling in your home. So, if you discover that a clicking sound is coming from your air-conditioning system, then it is possible that one of the capacitors is not working properly and you are now required to call the professional who can solve the issue of the electric control failure.
  • The function of the relays is to transmit the electrical power to the motors, therefore, if a problem occurs with any of the relays, then it is possible that either your unit will not turn on or it will not turn off. So, if your air conditioner is not turning on or not turning off, then it is possible that one of the relays is not working properly and in both of the situations, you will need to call the professional technicians of air conditioning.
  • Another electrical issue of an air conditioner is the poor condition of the thermostat wiring. When the unit suffers from this problem, the cycle time of the unit gets reduced and it gets turned off before providing the required cooling in your home.

We suggest that you should contact the professionals for rectification of the problem related to the electric control failure because trying to resolve it by yourself could be harmful to you.