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Undo Freezing when Air Conditioner Freezes Up

The AC system getting frozen up during the peak months is really a matter of concern that is an unusual and unfavourable situation which should be taken seriously otherwise it will favour improper cooling in the room and can cause severe damage to the machinery of the air conditioner and can foster  breakdown further upon usage. So if you ever encounter this type of frustrating and annoying condition for your AC machine at any point in time irrespective of what kind of air conditioning unit you have  try out few D-I-Y tips furnished by AC repair Sunrise here in this blog following which can assist your unit not to attain the frozen state and prevent the unfeasible factors that usually remain responsible for making it freeze.

Check the Air Filters

Do you know that the air filters are the main source of making the restriction of the flow of air through the machine? In order to avoid this unpleasant situation, replacing the filters every two or three months is highly suggested. Actually what happens is that if the air conditioning air filters gets clogged up with dirt or dust, then the restricted air flow will cause the unit’s temperature to go below the optimal temperature and thereby causing the module to freeze up.

Check Evaporator Coils

The dirty evaporator coil lying inside can be the main cause of restricted air flow across it which can further degrade the temperature and causes the air conditioner to freeze up. Not only this, but a dirty evaporator coil can also play a role in hampering other similar areas of the unit and cause several other problems. So do check on evaporator coil while you are troubleshooting the frozen AC module.

Check Ductwork

If you are sure that the ductwork is in order, then check on by removing the registers further and look inside. This practice can be quite helpful when you have not changed the air filters recently. Ductwork  cleaning is essential, but only be performed if you know how to do it otherwise contacting the expert of AC repair Sunrise would be beneficial

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