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Few Useful Tips of Installing a Heat Pump At Home

Getting any machine installed at home is always a task of trouble and time-consuming process and so does the installation of a heat pump also render, but at the same time they are efficient devices that provide heat and consume less electricity. These are just not only applicable for providing heating, but  they also play a great role as air conditioners because they can convert the warm air into cooler air during the hot season. You can install different types of these systems as per your requirement and according to the need of your home. Though you can install the machines easily, but still if you follow the steps which heat pump repair Sunrise is mentioning below would be really helpful to you while you install them.

Placing of The System

The heat pump should be placed outside the house, you can place it on the slab of concrete and then cover the surroundings with gravel. Place the machine in an isolated area so that vibrations should not enter the house when the unit is in operational mode, otherwise, a havoc would be created in the environment inside when the machine runs on its full power. Also, check that proper insulation surrounds the tubing by one and a half inch because any equipment is safe till it is insulated well.


A heat pump is made of two units, an inside unit and an outside unit and to have proper functioning these two things should be joined properly. To do this you should use the copper tube to connect both the modules together. The valve cap on the pump must be well inserted with the copper tubing and once you insert the valve then it should be tightly closed and sealed properly.


The copper tubing must always be kept in the indoor unit and there it should remain dry and protected otherwise, it can create a lot of problems in the smooth functioning of the system. Also, the coil should be not left uncovered so that it should not get an exposure to the mixture.

Sticking to these above tips by heat pump repair Sunrise will surely assist you in the successful installation of the unit.

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