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Why Vent and Duct Cleaning Is Good For Your AC?

Air pollution is one of the global concerns due to its increasing negative impact on natural environment and human health. Air inside can be as much lethal and toxic as outside air. If air inside your household or office premise is not clean could prove to be a health deterrent for you, your family and for your colleagues.

Internal dust contains pollen, mildew, animal dander, mites and mold. These contaminants when gets accumulated in the AC unit and air ducts then intensify the chances of allergies and asthma within the indoor premise. When such contaminants are not detected on time, or handled without any professional supervision can directly result in low air quality, restricted airflow, excess load on ac unit and air filters.

Professional technicians at Air Duct Cleaning Sunrise, has identified few initial signs suggesting that your AC unit and air duct cleaning is overdue:

Dirty Vents – Variation in air flow or in temperature throughout the internal premise is one of the signs of excessive dust presence in the AC ducts and vents. Hiring a professional technician for Vent Cleaning Service is a wise idea to eliminate dust and contaminants from the vents.

Rising Utility Bill – Dirt and debris in the ducts and vents restricts the air flow hence putting extra strain on the air filters, coils etc making your AC unit vulnerable to increased utility bills, sudden breakdowns and decreased efficiency. So, whenever you observe a constant marginal increase in your utility bills it is better to call Air Duct Cleaning Sunrise to carry a thorough inspection to identify the magnitude of the problem.

Revamp and Restoration – After any construction work inside the premise, or any recently added ductwork to your existing AC system, it is always suggested to ask for a proper dust and debris clean up from ducts and vents.

Water Seepage – When water entering the ductwork through a leak or seepage gets mixed up with the accumulated dust and debris, results in sediment build up in the ducts and AC unit, therefore, directly impacting the performance of the AC unit. Any early sign of leakage from the duct or vent should be taken care of immediately by availing professional help from Vent Cleaning Service.

If you look out for these early signs and take effective preventive measures on time then there is no possibility of breathing lethal low quality air in your own premise.

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