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You must have noticed that even when you increase heater temperature several times, then also your house is not getting hot or warm. This is nothing but uneven heating in your home that causes a variety of problems. Sometimes you know the cause of uneven heating and sometimes you don’t know. So what causes uneven heating? Well! Nothing to get confused and read the blog further, in which the AC repair Sunrise service has summarized few possible reasons or causes behind uneven heating.

Leaking Ductwork

If you know that your heater is working fine, then you must check the ductwork unit. The reason why your home is not heating properly is because of leaky ducts. This is often the reason behind uneven heating and leads to up to 30% of the warm air escaping through a ventilation system. Not only uneven heating, but you are investing on monthly bills because your system is using more energy because of the escape of the warm air.  

Old Heating Unit

Your heating system may be losing its energy, and becoming old. Heaters which are usually older than 15 years produce a low heat output. So you should diagnose your heating unit and fix its issues if it is not blowing hot air. A technician will guide you on what exactly to do and how to fix the problem. Otherwise, you should buy a new heating machine for your home.

Short Cycling

Short cycling happens when a heating unit shuts down ON and OFF without completing one cycle. There could be many issues behind this but this prevents your heating unit from functioning for a long period of time causing a delay in the warm air distribution all around the home. So when you notice that the unit is turning ON and OFF more often in an hour, then calling an HVAC technician is the best solution.

Avoiding Repairs

Sometimes the house owner doesn’t give much time in repairing their unit on time. And this will cause some of the bugs to precipitate inside the unit. These bugs don’t allow the system to function properly and lead to uneven heating. So timely repairs are one of the best ways to keep your unit working fine and reducing uneven heating problems.

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