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What your AC Repair Needs are at Midsummer Time?

Ending up with AC repairs at any time in the summer season can never be predictable. Adhering to maintenance services at regular intervals of time is surely a way to avoid AC malfunctioning. But what about if the air conditioner goes out of order in the midsummer time. So it is essential to make your […]

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Learn How to Find and Fix Common AC Malfunctions

Any issue related to an air conditioner should never be ignored because in most cases, minor issues are responsible for a sudden breakdown of the air conditioner. Hence, it’s your responsibility to get the issue fixed at the right time, i.e. before turning into a serious problem. Professionals of AC repair Sunrise are available at […]

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Three Situations Indicating an Air Conditioner is Leaking Coolant

There’s a chemical compound in electric air-conditioning units that transfer the indoor warmth in the outside air. This chemical compound is commonly known as refrigerant that absorbs the indoor heat with the help of evaporator coils. Thereafter, condenser coils located in the outdoor unit help the refrigerant to release the absorbed heat. In short, your […]

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