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Three Situations Indicating an Air Conditioner is Leaking Coolant

There’s a chemical compound in electric air-conditioning units that transfer the indoor warmth in the outside air. This chemical compound is commonly known as refrigerant that absorbs the indoor heat with the help of evaporator coils. Thereafter, condenser coils located in the outdoor unit help the refrigerant to release the absorbed heat. In short, your air conditioner can’t work effectively without a sufficient refrigerant charge. This is the reason why we advise you to call the proficient technicians of AC repair Sunrise as soon as you find out that the refrigerant in your air conditioning system is lower than the mandatory level.

However, the truth is that an AC unit doesn’t lose refrigerant until there’s a leak in the refrigerant line. So, whenever you find that the refrigerant is spilling out of the framework, contact AC repair Sunrise experts. This is because professionals can easily locate the leak and fix it before this issue turn into a serious problem. Now the point is how to know if the coolant (another name of refrigerant) is spilling out of your AC. Let’s have a look at the signs indicating that the refrigerant charge in your air conditioner is insufficient.

Ice Formation on Refrigerant Lines: Your air conditioner is meant to cool your home, not to produce ice. In simple words, if there’s some ice on the refrigerant line, then it is possibly due to leaking coolant. So, don’t ignore ice formation as it may later become a more serious, and might even result in the complete breakdown of the cooling system.

Water Leakage: When an AC unit doesn’t have a sufficient refrigerant level, the evaporator coil becomes too cold. As a result, the amount of condensed water in the indoor unit increases, and it becomes difficult for the drain line to carry out the water. Consequently, it starts leaking in your home, which can easily be noticed.

Whistling Noise: Sometimes, when the leak is too small, the refrigerant leaks with a whistling sound. Whenever you hear such noise, immediately contact a reliable AC service company and get the issue fixed by the experts.

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